LEGAL EAGLE 90 DAYS IN EMBRACING JAIL is the memoir of Pamela A. Newman. The lead character, Katy reflects a certain part of Pamela’s life to shed light on how she persevered through the hardest times of her life. It is the story of a time when her entire life was turned upside down because of a series of mistakes. Katy is shown to have multiple DUIs which end up convicting her and serve her time in jail. This is a tale of how we can hit rock bottom and lose all of our progress, but still come through. The book also portrays the message that no matter what problems we are riddled with, we have the power to take charge of our lives and turn it around. The memoir shows us how to remain positive and hopeful despite what life throws at us.

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Why Read it?

Our brain is a powerful organ. If we remain in the right mindset, we can rewire it into making the choices that tend to our present and propel us to a better future. The book portrays that no matter what happens, we must always find hope when everything seems daunting. Bravery doesn’t mean that you can surpass fear, rather it is the will to move forward despite being afraid of what tomorrow brings for us.

What is the message of this book?

Pamela A. Newman’s memoir takes us back to a time in her life where she could have succumbed to the dire circumstances, yet kept faith and stayed strong. She eventually found a way to escape her older version and become the best version of herself. They say that you can only go upward once you have hit rock bottom and that is the message that this book portrays. The memoir talks about how we can live a better life only if we set our minds to it.

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