Think Better, Live Better, Do Better –An Inspirational Novel

The end, regardless of how gloomy it may seem is not always the end. LEGAL EAGLE 90 DAYS IN is about how in one moment, Katy’s life changes, leaving her in despair. Pamela A. Newman’s memoir helps you understand that you have the strength to get through the worst of storms with bravery that you already possess within.

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About the Author

Pamela A Newman is an attorney who excelled in her field. She was a happy go-lucky personality who has been successful in her professional and personal life. She resigned from and moved to Florida to take care of her parents. After this, she began to work online to counsel people before they got started with any sort of legal procedure, or before they went to court for their hearing. She has a lot of experience under her belt. Unfortunately for her, one moment turned her life upside down. Despite all of her hardships, she persevered, coming out stronger.

Why Read it?

This book talks about how unpredictable life is and that everything can suddenly change in the blink of an eye. A single mistake can rope you into a different life. It is our duty to try and turn our lives around when given the chance. Katy’s story reflects a certain part of Pamela Newman’s life when she faced rock-bottom. A time when she was convicted due to multiple DUIs. The story talks about all the difficulties she went through and came out stronger.

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What message does this book promote?

It is never too late to become the best versions of ourselves as long as we are willing to put in the hard work. It is difficult but it is a worthy pursuit. This book portrays how we have the power to bring about a positive change in our lives. If you have the will to change, despite being faced with difficult circumstances, you can accomplish great feats.

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